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Welcome to The Bearville Workshop Forum!
Have fun here at BWF!
PM Zoe if you have a problem!
Make sure to refer people to the site and you can win a prize!
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 Guide around BWF

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PostSubject: Guide around BWF   Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:56 pm

Here is a little guide for BWF. Bold words
mean they are the section.I will describe the section for you. So you
can get familiarize with the forum =]

Forum Rulez
is a section that you MUST read first. It is a section where the Admins
plan their rules. If you agree to them, you have to follow them. If you
do not follow them then you will have a little vacation from BWF. This
forum does not tolerate any rule breakers.

Notes and
is a section where Admins adds some updates and posts
it there. It keeps you updated for BWF.

Portal Newz
is a section where Admins provide news for us, to keep us updated about
BABV. New Updates are always on our way!

The Workshop
is a section where Admins plans some contest. If you
join one, you have a chance of winning!

Introduce You Very Happy is a section where new members introduce

Help! is a section where you ask a
question and members or staff members[Admins and Moderators] can help
you. If you need help, just PM any member!

Guides to
is a section where Admins or members make guides to help
some members that are new to BABV

about Bearville Workshop that you should
is a section where members or admins create guides to
help you around.

Flea Market is a
section where you can buy great items with your Bear Bucks!

is a section where Admins create a thread and you can
bid on the items!

Rules *Must read before posting*
is a section about rules. About applications and requirements if you
want to apply for something great.

BWF Suggestions
is a little section where members make suggestions.

Sent to Maxine
are ideas sent to Maxine!

is a section where you could suggest songs.

Guest Radar
See any special guest on BABV? Post here!

Got a code? Share them here!

Did you hear...? A
rumor? Post here!

Laugh Out Loud Glitches Found
a glitch? Are they funny? Post your funny glitches here!

are you waiting for? Go look at the forum and see whats out there for
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Guide around BWF
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